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Why the Obvius?

The word "Obvius" explained

Disability Access Accredited Consultant Daniel Bedwell BA (Hons) explains The OBVIUS

About everyday we are asked “Why have you missed the O out of Obvious?” or even worse “Don’t you guys know how to spell?”

So to keep past and future questioners informed here is the reason we chose OBVIUS ACCESS as our Australian Business Name for our Accredited Disability Access Consultancy.

OBVIUS is derived from the Latin Language which literally when translated means “Being on the Way” or “Accessible” Derived from the use of “Ob” before and “Via” way.

Therefore looking beyond the Obvious we decided upon Obvius as it is from the original Roman derivation of Accessible.   We decided upon Access for the other word as when you combined the two it could have become Accessible Access or as we translated the Latin it became “OBVIUS ACCESS”

Hope that explains the origins our title. We have more on our web-site please visit www.accessconsultant.com.au or e-mail obviusaccess@bigpond.com




Testimonial received from our clients

comments pertaining to access work undertaken


From: Filipe Ayala
To: obviusaccess@bigpond.com;
Subject: RE: 18-20 Bent Springfield 2nd DA Application Response To Council

Hi David
Thank you, outstanding response , happy to be working with you,
Filipe Ayala
Mackenzie Architects International Pt Ltd
4/3 The Postern, Castle crag NS 2068
Phone (02) 9967 9966
Fax (02) 9967 9977
April 2015


Awards hosted by the Spinal Injuries Association.

Daniel Bedwell and Colleagues at Gold Coast received an award from the Mayor yesterday for the Inclusive CommunityChampions Awards for three buildings which received won the Best Recreational Venue - Government Category.

The three buildings where Helens vale Library, Upper Cooker Community Hub and Ormeau CommunityCentre. Daniel accepted the award on behalf of the design team at their request.

30th November 2013



Dear Daniel,  
"As part of our Office of City Architect & Heritage (OCAH) - GCCC Shared Values program we would like to thank you for your aid and coordination contributions with regard to the recent signage and way finding input to Council's Community Services capital works projects. Please know that your continued efforts and timely professional advice has been very much appreciated, we look forward to continuing to work with you and your team".  
With thanks, 
Chris and the OCAH Team (Lily Chan, Kevin Rains, Jane Austin, Jonathan Welch, Lesley Jenkins & Sony Mauler) 
Christopher Gee
City Architect  
Office of the City Architect & Heritage
for the Chief Executive Officer

Jim Ho Building Designer of Kerdic Homes Pty Ltd  Brisbane regarding Obvius Access Queensland Office's  Final Accessibility Report on Kerdic's  Multi Storey Development. 
 "Next time when we have a big project like this Kerdic will definitely contact you again" 

Kerdic Homes Pty Ltd | 241 Monier Road Darra QLD 4076
PO Box 3324 Darra QLD 4076
T 07 3376 6788 | F 07 3376 6799
jimho@kerdichomes.com.au | www.kerdichomes.com.au 

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