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Existing Premises Access Audits 

How does an Existing Premises Access Audit work? 

Firstly contact us at obviusaccess@bigpond.com or phone on 0414220562 we are happy to help with your enquiry. Once initial contact has been made we ask you if possible to forward basic relevant details of the project in question i.e. Plans, Photographs, Building size etc. In this way we can save you the cost of a site visit prior to the Access Audit. We then discuss with you which relevant access legislation applies to your Building Type. Then we will clarify the scope of the Access Audit to be undertaken e.g. all of the building, only public areas, any specific areas not wanted to be included. We will then send you our fee proposal, once we have agreed a fee and time scale for completion of the Access Audit, we can begin

We will visit your Premises at a suitable time and carry out an inspection using our checklist. Starting from the outside e.g. carpark and external approach and then working through the interior identifying potential  barriers to Access and Services which may prevent a person with a Disability (visitor, employee) from participating in equitable and dignified access on their path of travel through the building and environment. 

What are the benefits to me of having an Access Audit?  

By having an Existing Premises Access Audit and then implementing its recommendations you will be able to demonstrate that you meet your moral and legal responsibilities under Federal discrimination law (DDA), which in turn will give you protection from a successful compliant or action brought against you by a person with a Disability. A far more important consequence of removing Access barriers to your premises will be ease of access and inclusion for many people, young and old who wish to use the environment and services you provide

What is the DDA? How does it affect me? How is it enforced?  

The Australian Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) is a Federal Discrimination Law which came into effect in March 1993. The DDA prohibits unfair and unfavourable treatment against people with a Disability or their associates in a range of areas including education, employment, transport, accommodation, premises and footpaths used by the public. 

The DDA requires employers, education providers and service providers to make appropriate, reasonable Access adjustments to avoid discrimination. A compliant can be made to the Australian Human Rights Commission (Commission) under the DDA if appropriate access is not provided 

When the Commission receives a complaint about something that is covered by the DDA, the President of the Commission can investigate the complaint and try to resolve it by conciliation. The Commission is not a court and cannot determine that discrimination has happened. The Commission’s role is to get both sides of the story and help those involved resolve the complaint. If the complaint is not resolved or is discontinued for another reason, the complaint can then be taken to the Federal Court of Australia or the Federal Magistrates Court. 

What Elements does the Access Audit Cover?   

The scope of the Access Audit can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of the client. In general our Access Audit will cover all Elements of the Building and Environment observing and highlighting any potential barriers that may exclude a person with disability from equitable and dignified access. Typically an Access Audit would cover 

·          External approach and Carparking  

·          Entrances  

·          Reception and Customer Service Area  

·          Corridors and Horizontal Circulation  

·          Lifts, Stairs, Tactile ground service indicators and Vertical Circulation   

·          Toilet Facilities  

·          Internal Doors  

·          Control and Switches  

·          Floor and Lighting  

·          Communication Systems  

·          Internal Surface Finishes  

·          The Acoustic Environment  

·          Signage and Wayfinding  

·          Kitchen Area  

·          Tactile Ground Service Indicators  

·          Ramps  

·          Emergency means of Escape  

There may be many more site specific Elements e.g. Swimming Pools, Children’s Service Areas and Playgrounds which can be added as part of our comprehensive Service. 

How is the Access Audit presented?   

Following the on-site assessment Obvius Access we will provide comments on Access barriers which may prevent ease of use for a wide range of potential users, including people with disabilities, older people and parents with young children. We comply a practical list of recommendations for improvements which highlight potential risk. The recommendations are prioritized 1, 2 and 3 in order of importance and cross referenced against Disability Access codes, standards, and legislation such as The Building Code of Australia/National Construction Code, The Disability (Access to Premises-Buildings) Standards 2010, and The Disability Discrimination Act, The suite of AS1428 and all pertaining standards and other relevant guidance. 

The Access Audit report is structured in a user friendly accessible format which includes Appendices 'A' and 'B'. 

Appendix 'A'  provides colour photographs and text to illustrate each Access barrier with clearly defined recommendations for compliance. Appendix 'B' provides illustrations to assist in highlighting some access issues identified and to support interpretation and recommendations for action 

Obvius Access Audits reports are presented by e-mail in a Word and PDF copy, which will help to incorporate your Access Audit into an Action Plan for the future. Should it be required we can provide an A4 bound ring comb binder copy. Obvius Access are happy to supply an example on request. Contact us at obviusaccess@bigpond.com  



For Installation of Accessible Toilets, Sanaitry Facilities and plumbing fixtures/fittings to meet the compliance requirements of AS 1428.1:2009

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