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Disabled Band Together to Tour Australia
Staff Benda Bilili

By David Bedwell

A Band comprising five disabled musicians and three able-bodied musicians is set to tour Australia following the release of a film Benda Bilili documenting their journey from the streets of Kinshasa to International Acclaim.

Staff Benda Bilili is the band name and is due to appear this year in Perth, Albany, Adelaide, Taranki (NZ) unfortunately not scheduled yet for the Gold Coast.

The Band received a tremendous reception in England last year. Their performance at “Union Chapel” London was acclaimed by the music media. “They received a standing ovation even before any of them picked up an instrument” “The Music speaks for itself.”

Staff Benda Bilili Band is made up of wheelchair bound middle-aged Polio victims and street kids from the Democratic Republic of Congo who perform a mix of Afro-Cuban, Reggae, Rumba, and Soul Groove in the creation of their own unique sound. The inspiration of seeing the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown’s appearance before the Ali v Foreman “Rumble in the Jungle” made a lasting impression upon band founders “Papa” Ricky Likabu, and Coco Ngambali as can be heard in the band’s famous song Je’taime.

Crammed Discs Record Label have under the title “Tres Tres Fort” issued an Album of Staff Benda Bilili which was recorded by Congolese music affectionado Vincent Kennis on his laptop in the grounds of Kinshasa Zoo which is available from their web-site www.crammedrecords.com or www.staffbendabilili.com

The Compositions of “Tres Tres Fort” include the track “Polio” which was composed with lyrics to reflect Staff Benda Bilili urgent plea “Parents get your children Vaccinated”.”Please save them from the Curse” Ricky Likabu sings the lyrics “I was born a strong man, but Polio crippled me, look at me today, I have become the man with canes.”

Such strong and inspirational encouragement to other persons in equally unfortunate circumstances as severely disabled band members Ricky, Coco, Theo Nsituvuidi, Djunana Tanga-Suele, and Kabamba Kabose Kasungo are an example of adversity overcome as the Band Name translates “Look beyond Appearance” Staff Benda Bilili

Handicaps only exist within our minds not in our legs.

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David Bedwell
February 24th 2012

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