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Access Standards 

Obvius Access like to provide information relating to Legislation such as Disabled Access, DDA, Human Rights, Disability Access Standards, The BCA, The Premises Standards, AS 1428, DDA Standards for Accessible Public Transport, DDA Aviation Standards, Unjustifiable Hardship and Compliance, we like to bring these to your attention whenever we can


  • The Disability Discrimination Act
    The Australian Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) came into effect in March 1993.The DDA prohibits unfair and unfavourable treatment against people with a Disability or their associates in a range of areas including education, employment, transport, accommodation, premises and footpaths used by the public.
  • Unjustifiable Hardship
    An Organisation or business might be able to successfully defend itself against a DDA complaint if it could show a Court that providing access would cause an 'Unjustifiable Hardship'
  • The Building Code of Australia ( BCA )
    The BCA is a uniform set of technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings and other structures throughout Australia; it is referenced in all State and Territory building Legislation.
  • The Premises Standards
    The Premises Standards set performance and provide references to technical specification to ensure dignified access to, and use of, buildings for people with a Disability. They clarify the general Non-Discrimination provisions of the DDA in relation to the design construction and management of Buildings.
  • What is a Standard?
    In essence, a Standard is an agreed way of doing something. Each standard is developed by a committee made up of people with technical, business, academic, government and community wisdom and expertise.
  • AS 1428
    AS 1428 prescribes the requirements for physical access which should be considered in the planning, development and construction of all buildings and facilities. This Standard is referenced in the Access to Premises-Buildings) Standards, 2010, which generally align with the BCA and comprises 5 parts
  • The 1970 Chronically Sick & Disability Act in brief
    A brief summary of the ground breaking 1970 Chronically Sick and Disabled Act and the key provisions set down to improve access and support for people with disabilities
  • DDA Legal Cases
    Examples of DDA legal cases, news stories, and video's past and present home and abroad. Relating to Legislation, Compliance and Disability Discrimination access to public buildings and transport.






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