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DDA Legal Cases

Examples of DDA legal cases, news stories, and video's past and present home and abroad.  Relating to Legislation, Compliance and Disability Discrimination access to public buildings and transport.


  • DDA Complaint against Jetstar
    On a flight between Adelaide and Brisbane a wheelchair-user Ms Sheila King was refused carriage. After Consulting a Sydney DDA adviser and the Human Rights Commission Ms King lodged a complaint under the Disability Discrimination Act. The bases of the complaint was that Jetstar's Two Wheelchair policy was Discriminatory, the case went to Federal court in 2012
  • Aviation DDA Standards for Accessible Public Transport
    Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes explains the case of King vs Jetstar, and looks at how little the Aviation Industry is Regulated by the DDA standards for Accessible Public Transport in Australia.
  • DDA Complaint against Murrays Coaches
    Wheelchair user Julia Haraksin filed a Disability Discrimination complaint against Murrays Coaches before the Federal Court in Sydney after she tried to book a seat on one of its coaches. The bus company told her none of its coaches could take her because she uses a Wheelchair
  • DDA Complaint against Railcorp
    A Court in Sydney has ruled that RailCorp breached the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) by failing to provide Audible Announcements on their NSW Rail network and therefore Discriminate against Visually Impaired people


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