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Disabled Articles of Interest

At Obvius Access we write and source many Articles relating to Disability Access, DDA, NDIS, DDA Management Plans, Disabled Accessible Parking, Surfability, Human Rights and Access Compliance, from Australia and around the World. Which we like to bring to your attention whenever we can.

Below is a complete list of articles that have been republished by Obvius Access on this web site. If you have an article or editorial that you feel would be appropriate please contact us at obviusaccess@bigpond.com 


  • Disability Awareness 2017
    With Disabled Access it may be difficult to understand why it is that the Design and Construction of Access Features must be precise. Why one single step on the Accessible Path Of Travel can create a no go area for a WheelChair user.
  • Disabled Band together to tour Australia
    A Band comprising five disabled musicians and three able-bodied musicians is set to tour Australia following the release of a film Benda Bilili documenting their journey from the streets of Kinshasa to International Acclaim.
  • Disability Facts and Figures
    As the Retirement Population of Australia is seen to be rapidly increasing in percentage terms the particular 20% or 1 in 5 of over 65 year olds will be seeking more and more accessible places for ‘Things to Do” Places to See” in their retirement years.
  • Disability Holiday Destinations
    In Sydney Sometimes you pay $500 a night for an accessible room only to look at the back lane way when everyone else is looking at Sydney Harbour
  • Disability Design Audits 1970's
    The requirements for totally safe external and internal Access and Egress to and from the Premises presented major challenges to the Design Team. It should be remembered this was almost 40 years ago. Thresholds were Doorsteps seen essential to accommodate milk bottles as they would fall over and smash if a Ramp was built. Guide Dogs were very rare sights.
  • Six Struck by Disabled Bouncer
    Before the War Bill had played topflight cricket and he certainly had not allowed his disability to stop his cricketing activities. The Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen had mostly all returned to their home towns after years of conflict some sadly with severe wounds causing permanent disability.
  • Disabled Veterans Shut Out
    At half-time our fixture arranger let his secret out. The Goalkeeper has artificial legs. He had lost both legs during 1944. He was a heroic fighter pilot who was shot down and rescued after crashing. Amazingly he has challenged the disability
  • Business Opportunities for the Disabled
    Disabled Australian and South Eastern Asian Adults with potential Entrepreneurial business skills are being encouraged to enter an increasingly large range of business educational and practical experience academic courses in both Australia and South East Asia.
  • Beachside Access for the Disabled
    Surfers Paradise Esplanade is level, its access is wide allowing ease of access for mobility devices such as electric scooters, wheelchairs, cyclists and people with prams. The Esplanade has 6 accessible toilet blocks spread out at equal intervals, it has twin disabled parking bays
  • Disabled Accessible Parking
    The Cricket Club’s Grounds man would put up a no parking reserved space notice for him on match days in future to reserve his spot for ease of access to the pavilion. Bunny’s second very early Disabled Accessible Parking Bay concept had evolved.
  • Assessment of Paralympics 2012
    The concluding statistics of the London Paralympics will certainly be a milestone in achievement not only for the Participating Paralympians but importantly for in the world wide perception of Athletes with Disabilities
  • An Amazing Continuous Line of 229 Wheelchairs
    The World Record previously established in USA of 193 wheelchairs travelling in a continuous line for a period of one minute was today challenged successfully on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia establishing a new World Record. A continuous travelling line of no less than 229 wheelchairs.
  • DDA Management Plan
    The Solution was an agreed DDA Management Plan produced by the Project Team in conjunction with the Stores Operations Manager. The Plan evolved and recommended the installation of New Lifts in newly constructed Lift Shafts which would service the newly created intermediate Sales Floors.
  • How Surfers are helping Disabled Surfers to "Catch a Wave" Welcome to Surfability
    Gold Cost Branch of Disabled Surfers Association of Australia held their first summer 2012 monthly “Lets go Surfing Hands on Day” at Flat Rock Beach Currumbin, Queensland.
  • "Surfability" its turned the tide for Disabled Surfers
    Exclusivity of the surf has vanished it no longer exists thanks to the provision of availability and accessibility that is provided by Surfability for everybody, Whatever the degree of disability or impairment a person may suffer from Surfability provides accessibility to the waves the joy and the exhilaration of surfing and it is there for all thanks to Surfability. The Disabled Surfers Association in Australia is certainly putting smiles on dials.
  • DDA Action Plan at Sydney's Macquarie University
    Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes explains the good reasons why a DDA Action Plan is needed for Macquarie University, Sydney
  • DDA vs NDIS Comparisons
    Disability Discrimination Act and the new National Disability Insurance Scheme have the potential to create some major problems. How can they be solved?
  • "ArtAbility" it's giving Differently Abled Artists a Platform
    Opportunities for Artists living with disability to exhibit their skills do not yet occur in sufficient numbers in Australia there are an incredible number of talented Artists nationwide. All that is needed is an increase in locations and organizations with the enthusiasm to provide the opportunity to Exhibit and resultantly further the opportunity for artists to express themselves in a way that transcends any impairment in order to be recognized for their skill and ability.
  • Is the DDA a Dud?
    In this Article the question being asked is how effective are the Complaints Mechanisms of the DDA when ordinary people many on a Disability Pension have to volunteer to expose themselves to David and Goliath like litigation Battles from their own funds.
  • Surfability is Different in Costa Rica It's known as Ocean Healing
    Australian Surfability events held by the Disabled Surfers Associated mainly last for a day and are attended by a wide ranging age group. The Events held in Costa Rica by Ocean Healing Group are for Children. If you can spare the time I will explain how Surfability evolved on both sides of the world in similar yet differing ways.
  • ArtAbility It Gives a Recognizable Voice to people with a Disability who all too often go unheard
    “While Kelly's intellect is supposed to be rather low, her achievements that are often great, go unnoticed. Kelly's letter to her sister is a monumental piece of work for someone with her intellectual disability. The whole exhibition was about exploring intellect." Anthony Joy; 2013
  • ArtAbility it’s moving Worldwide
    Tazia is one of a group of artists with disabilities who have been encouraged and helped by exhibiting their work by the not for profit organisation Heart and Sold which supports artists diagnosed with Down syndrome. They have a major exhibition planned for March next year at the famous Menier Gallery in Southwark London SE 1 it is called “Heart and Sold the Launch” lets hope they have a royal visitor.
  • An Access Alternative Solution can be very costly unless...
    Alternative Solutions are seen by many as a method of obtaining a Change of use Approval for Premises that on the surface appear to be unsuitable and non-compliant with legislation.


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