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An Amazing Continuous Line of 229 Wheelchairs


A new World Record was established for a moving line of wheelchairs along Surfers Paradise Beachside Foreshore Esplanade today on The Gold Coast.

By David Bedwell ACAA Director Obvius Access
September 16th 2012

A beautiful sunny day on Surfers Paradise Beachside Esplanade provided the ideal conditions for the Surfers Sunrise Rotary Annual Wheelchair Challenge 2012.
The World Record previously established in USA of 193 wheelchairs travelling in a continuous line for a period of one minute was today challenged successfully on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia establishing a new World Record. A continuous travelling line of no less than 229 wheelchairs.
Registration before the Challenge

wheelchair 1

Preparing for the challenge
wheelchair 2

 The Organizers of this Historic Challenge were The Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise who meets as a Breakfast Club once a week at Southport Yacht Club. The Club aims to help to raise funds and community awareness of the challenges faced by people in wheelchairs, and provides support for those in need of wheelchairs
The International achievements of Surfers Sunrise Rotary include the manufacture and distribution of wheelchairs worldwide for people in need, using recycled materials and components where available, the manufacture, design and construction of school buildings in Tsunami devastated countries.
(Take a look at the next pair of photos can you spot the various recycled components?)

wheelchair 3
Spot an obvious one?
wheelchair 4
Hope you spotted at least 4 more?
The Esplanade at Surfers Paradise is probably the most Wheelchair friendly Beachside Esplanade in the whole of Australia and in the Southern Hemisphere. International recognition of the Annual Wheelchair Challenge is likely to be acknowledged by the inclusion of these years 229 wheelchair participants in the Guinness Book of Records.
I am sure a major vote of thanks should be extended to everyone who partook in the tremendous effort that was necessary to organize and support this event. Congratulations are due to the 229 and in addition to those who gave up their time and so generously supported the Challenge.
Congratulations and Thanks
wheelchair 5
David Bedwell is a Disability Access Consultant a Director of Obvius Access Consultants a family operated practice, Consulting in Disabled Access with offices in Australia Sydney NSW and Gold Coast SE Queensland.
For other articles by David visit: www.accessconsultant.com.au or
E-mail obviusaccess@bigpond.com

David Bedwell
September 16th 2012

Source: http://accessconsultant.com.au

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