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Access Reports for DA submissions

DA access reports


Access Reports are often required by Local Sydney Councils along with various other supporting documents when a Development Application (DA) is submitted in keeping with the requirements of the Councils Development Control Plan (DCP).

For instance Gosford Council have a total of 38 different Supporting Documents one of which is a Disabled Access Report (preferred term Access Report) which may be called upon depending on the specific Development type when a DA submission is lodged. 

The types of Development requiring a Disabled Access Report as a Supporting Documents when lodging a DA Submission with Gosford Council are as follows: 

·          Bed and Breakfast Accommodation 

·          Brothels 

·          New Commercial / Retail Buildings 

·          Community / Child Care / Education Est. 

·          Establishment of use – existing premises – no construction 

·          New Industrial / Warehouse buildings 

·          Medical Centre 

·          Recreation / Tourist Uses 

·          Seniors Housing 

·          Wharves and Jetties 

Development Control Plans differ across Sydney Councils with many undergoing amendments and updates in regards to their Access requirements. The Access section of DCP’S across Sydney generally have the same objectives, for instance the City of Sydney DCP 2012 aims to provide non-discrimatory, equitable and dignified access for all people who use the City of Sydney regardless of disability. It also aims to ensure that new dwellings cater for the needs of elderly people and people who have disability. 

Part of the Access requirements of the DCP will be that a proportion of a New Residential development be “Adaptable Housing “ 

Adaptable Housing allows a dwelling to be easily upgraded to suit the needs of a resident during the various stages of their life, allowing them to age in place with the same familiar facilities and support networks

Implementing  Adaptable housing policy into Local Development Plans not only benefits the resident, but also the visitor. Ageing friends and family with less mobility or with a Disability will benefit from the greater accessibility of an Adaptable home especially in Post Adaptation design stage for little or no additional cost, if a check list report that meets the criteria of an Adaptable house Class ‘C’ under AS 4299:1995 is implemented at the early design stage when lodging a DA Submission and then a Construction Certificate Submission 

For New Multi-Unit Development in Sydney the proportion of dwellings that are required to be Adaptable will vary from local Council to Council. The ratio requirement for The City of Sydney Council for developments such as Green Square, Harold Park, Central Square and other Inner City Developments is 15 %.

DA access reviews 

For Hornsby Shire Council the percentage of Adaptable dwellings required within a Multi-Unit housing development has increased to 30% in keeping with the Shires strategy that the number of older persons and persons with a disability who reside in multi-unit housing is now likely to be in excess of 25%.

Willoughby City Council require that as part of the Willoughby Development Control Plan (WDCP)  50% of Multi dwelling housing and residential flat building greater than 3 storeys are to be Adaptable.

The North Sydney Development Control Plan 2013 states that a minimum of 15% of dwellings in Multi-dwelling housing and residential flat buildings that contain more than 5 dwellings must comprise and be designed and constructed to a minimum Class ‘C’ certification under AS 4299:1995.

With Councils such as Liverpool requiring Adaptable Housing to be provided at a lower rate of 10% there appears to be range of between 10 and 50% of requirement for New Build Multi-dwelling housing across Sydney DCP’s.

In addition to DCP inconsistence in ratio requirements for Adaptable Housing, there are added development parking provisions needed for increased parking bay widths due to the fact most Councils require one resident accessible parking bay (width 3.8m wide) per Adaptable unit.

We provide Architects, Development Managers, Town Planners and Builders with Access Reports, reviewing the accessibility of their Planned Development as part of the DA submission process, in keeping with the Statutory Requirements pertaining to People with Disabilities.

If you require an Access Report for a DA submission by an Obvius Access Accredited Access Consultant email us on obviusaccess@bigpond.com or phone 0414220562 for a competitive fee proposal


By John Bedwell  Obvius Access Consultant for Sydney June 20th 2014





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