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Access Consulting Services   


Our Disability Access Consultancy Services consist mainly of various types of Access Audits (also known as DDA audits, Disabled Access Audit or Disability Discrimination Act Audit). There are a variety of different types of Access Audits covered by Obvius Access which include: 

·          Existing Premises Audits,  

·          Existing Premises Appraisal,  

·          Desk top Design Audits,  

·          Acquisition or pre occupancy  

·          Livable Housing Audits  

·          Adaptable Housing Checklist and Audits   

The Common understanding is that an Access Audit involves inspecting a premises/environment or checking plans /drawings to determine compliance or best practice with relevant Access Legislation, Standards and Codes, the criteria of which will rate a premises/environment for, Usability, Accessibility and inclusion for a range of people with Disabilities including mobility, sensory, intellectual and cognitive ability as well as older people and people with young children. A report is then made providing practical recommendations with priority ratings for access improvements and compliance. Our comprehensive Access Consultancy Service also includes Action Plans and Alternative Solutions 




  • Existing Premises Access Audits
    By having an Existing Premises Access Audit and then implementing its recommendations you will be able to demonstrate that you meet your moral and legal responsibilities under Federal discrimination law (DDA),
  • Access Appraisals
    The difference between an Access Appraisal and an Access Audit relates to the level of detail assessed in relation to access and the level of detail provided in the report.
  • Action Plans
    A Obvius Access Action Plan integrates all of the recommendation of an Access Audit into prioritised achievable steps and then identifies the action needed to implement each of these steps into eliminating discriminatory practices from your business.We can provide Action plans with short term strategies (6-12 months) medium term strategies (2-3 years) and long term strategies (3-5 years).
  • Alternative Solutions
    An Alternative Solution is a building solution which complies with the Performance Requirements other than the Deemed-to-Satisfy (DIS) provisions of the BCA. Obvius Access can provide you with a comprehensive Alternative Solution that achieves the Performance Requirements of the BCA
  • Desk Top Access Audits
    A Desk top Access Audit Report is where we look at proposed plans for a project as opposed to an Existing premises Audit which has already been built and requires a site inspection. We assess the proposed design for usability and accessibility.
  • Adaptable Housing Checklist and Audit
    Obvius Access will use the Adaptable housing checklist schedule as a guide to meeting the required Standards however, it should be noted that recognition of dwellings as an 'Adaptable House' will only be granted where the proposal also satisfies the requirements of AS4299.1995 and the BCA
  • Livable Housing Access Accessor
    We are an Assessor for Livable Housing Australia, which will see Livability features in new homes performance rated with the Silver, Gold and Platinum LHA Quality Mark.
  • Access Report DA submissions
    For New Multi-Unit Development in Sydney the proportion of dwellings that are required to be Adaptable will vary from local Council to Council.
  • Livable Housing Access Audits
    Contact LHA Assessor Daniel Bedwell at Obvius Access for a Livable Housing Audit on 0414220562 and to arrange for a copy of the development drawings to be forwarded. Obvius Access will then prepare a design assessment fee proposal for your approval



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